Vapouriz Expands into CBD Market

Vapouriz Expands into CBD Market

With the legalization of cannabis, most of the new age entrepreneurs are finding ways to ensure growth in the market. As buyers are looking for best offers and high-quality products online, the service providers are eager to launch new collections into the market.

In this scenario, the UK based vaping cbd oil market is also spreading its wings for growth. And now a big brand in the industry is planning to expand its scope for CBD vape oil products while covering a wider range of audience in the market. The new collection will hit the shelves in the growing market by this summer season.

Vapouriz has recently announced its new launch event in the market, and this time they are bringing one new big name into the market. The new brand will be known as Bliss CBD, and it is going to serve the buyers with an extensive collection of oral drops and e-liquids.

If you are searching for a reliable place to buy some of the most awesome, flavor-rich products, we advise you to get started with the top-rated collection of Bliss CBD.

Note that, this vaping cbd oil company is believed to serve the market with several products in the form of 10ml e-liquids. The price range for these collections varies from £9.99 to £59.99. And the margins for purchase are available with the maximum 52% range. On the other side, if you are interested in picking the larger units; the 30ml oral drops can be purchased within the price range of £24.99 to £189.99 only. and in this case, the margins are up to 45%.

The initial range of products at this new company will be of 10ml e-liquids that contain 99% CBD content with 0% THC. You can find them in six different flavors; the list includes Raspberry & Cherry, Lemon & Mango, Strawberry & Watermelon, Heisenbug, Raspberry & Apple, and Cool Menthol. Note that, all these collections are available with the variable strength ranges; the options are 500mg, 250mg, and 100mg.

It is also possible to look for an unflavoured shot with 1000mg strength, and it can be easily mixed with any other flavor of e-liquid. Note that, the 30ml CBD oral drops will be prepared by utilizing the broad-spectrum vaping cbd oil, and it is expected to contain 85% active CBD compounds with 0% THC.

With the recent update about launch of Bliss CBD, Breth Horth, Bliss CBD company CEO also revealed that the prime goal of this brand would be to serve the needs of the buyers while ensuring top quality purchase options. They will be expanding the range of cbd vape oil products at the growth stage.

Note that, studies conducted by several medical health experts and as per the stats provided by the World Health Organization, CBD is capable enough to treat several types of medical health issues. Hence, it is really good to find big brands working actively in this direction. The chances are that buyers will find much better purchase options in the near future.