New Jersey medical marijuana law

New Jersey medical marijuana law

nj marijuana dispensaryThe use of marijuana is increasingly becoming legal with many states in Canada and US passing laws to do the same. Even in New Jersey a strong appeal was made by the citizens for considering the legalization of marijuana to be used both as a medical and recreational drug. The laws have been debated in the senate for a long time and the governor Phil Murphy this July signed a law that satisfied half of the demands. The new marijuana law has made the use of marijuana for medical purposes legal. The Jake Honig Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act will provide access to the patients to use cannabis for treatment of medical ailments. This act is important since it comes with many benefits for users as it gives them job protection and safeguard them from social discrimination. This new law is an amendment on the old law which did not have provisions for safe guarding. Now by law the employer cannot take any action against the employee for using marijuana.

nj marijuana dispensary

However this law does not allow or legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes like consuming them in the form of cbd edibles. The state is looking to grant license and permission to those willing to manufacture medical marijuana or open nj marijuana dispensary. The state wants locals who are certified to grow marijuana and prepare medicine from them to sell their products for the benefit on those who need it. If anyone is suffering from clinical anxiety, insomnia or other nervous problems, they can go to a local nj marijuana dispensary to purchase cbd oil. However, as per the previous law the person needs to have a proper prescription from their doctor in order to make the purchase.

Drug tests conducted by employers are now being revamped so that employees are not dismissed for using marijuana. As per the law, no employer can deny an individual employment, disadvantage them from their peers or dismiss them for using marijuana. But the employee may not use the drug during the time he is working or even bring the drug to the workplaces. Doing so is punishable no matter if its medicinal oil or cbd edibles. If an employee tests positive, the employer must confidentially let the employee know of the test result and ask then to justify themselves if they have a valid medical reason for usage of marijuana.

The purchase of cannabis must be made only from a certified nj marijuana dispensary. Possession of illegal marijuana can lead to criminal charges and the law will not protection them. The state has issued the law and asked companies to get legal help to review the refurbished terms of the law. While people still petition for complete legalization of marijuana like in many other states, but this bill is a start. You cannot purchase a cbd edible in the state of New Jersey but those suffering can definitely avail medicinal marijuana which is really important.

New Jersey Marijuana

nj marijuana dispensaryCannabis or New Jersey Marijuana is a drug that is considered illegal for adult use in the State but only permitted for medical use. It is a psychoactive drug extracted from the Cannabis plant to be used for medicinal and recreational purposes. Marijuana is mostly smoked in cigarettes or pipes but can also be accessed through food (edibles) such as brownies, cookies, candies or brewed as a tea. Marijuana consumption can affect physical health such as breathing problems, increased heart rate and problems with child health during and after pregnancy. However, due to its medicinal properties certain states allow marijuana companies to manufacture them. In New Jersey, people found resorting to consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes has been penalized and imprisoned to a large extent. Despite a series of attempts to legalize marijuana use, it remains illegal till today in New Jersey except for medical dispensaries to sell marijuana. However, many allege that New Jersey Marijuana laws are applied unequally throughout the society and such arrests and convictions severely impact especially the communities of color such as African Americans and Latinos.

Marijuana use in New Jersey

nj marijuana dispensaryIn 2010, Jon Corzine, on his final day in office as governor, passed the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act to permit the use of medical cannabis for persons diagnosed with cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, HIV//AIDS, seizure disorder severe muscle spasms and a host of other diseases which can be treated with marijuana use. The law also allowed the state Health Department to add other diseases to the existing list as required. However, it prohibited the patients to grow marijuana on their own; instead alternate treatment centers and dispensaries would provide access to New Jersey Marijuana to the patients.

Under the latest governor, New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana program has almost tripled the number of patients in its fold. Most patients qualify for the program due to tremendous reforms made in the original law for inclusion of several diseases. Further, marijuana companies too have supported the legislation due to the boost they have received under the current leadership. Several marijuana companies have been provided with permits to open medical marijuana dispensaries.

Demand for legalization of marijuana

nj marijuana dispensaryMany states of the US have legalized marijuana use and New Jersey should follow suit. The benefits of legalization would be that it shall create new jobs, generate millions of dollars in tax revenues, otherwise law-abiding people will no longer be termed as criminals and resources which are currently being wasted to prevent marijuana production can be turned towards generation of projects that would positively affect the survival of many families and communities. Hence large segments of the civil society including faith leaders, civil rights activists and justice advocates support marijuana legalization like alcohol for adults. Common concern also explains that what they demand is the enacting of common sense and popular reform in favor of creation of a responsible, safe and a controlled environment for the cultivation of marijuana.

Big changes coming to NJ marijuana program

cbd edibles

nj marijuana dispensaryThe marijuana business in the USA is only gaining momentum with each passing day; after the discovery of the medicinal properties of marijuana, researchers are taking keen interest to look for healthier and better prospects in the world of cannabis and CBD edibles that include its form, dosage, and other necessary guidance. Although medicinal marijuana has been legalized in about 32 states across the country, New Jersey is yet to receive its acceptance by the Federal law. But this hasn’t stopped the state from initiating the NJ marijuana program since January and its success is glaring from the fact that more than 30,000 patients are enrolled with it. The project has been granted its much-needed acceleration by Phil Murphy and after a lot of debate and hurdles; the lawmakers have decided to uphold this issue of using medicinal marijuana under the surveillance of law.

The NJ marijuana program is aiming at increasing the number of NJ marijuana dispensaries from four to at least 4 more to meet match the demand and supply of medicinal cannabis. Furthermore, the amendments will strive towards making it simpler for the patients to have access to marijuana. The upcoming changes would decrease the number of visits to a doctor from four times a year to once in order to verify if the patient fulfills the eligibility criteria for being introduced to the program.

Since Phil Murphy is genuinely supporting the program, he has proposed to increase the number of licensed NJ marijuana dispensaries along with 24 other companies supplying the cannabis and CBD edibles so that the patients have broader and easier access to marijuana without running a hole in their pockets during their periods of need.

The latest program has been named after Jake Hoing who was a religious user of medicinal marijuana and preferred it over any other antibiotics or painkillers during his cancer. According to him, if he went one day without the CBD edibles, he would vomit and cry continuously out of pain caused by the inflammation in cancer. Therefore, to reach out to a broader mass with the benefits of marijuana and cbd edibles, the NJ marijuana program has proposed the following changes:

nj marijuana dispensaryPatients from other states will be allowed to access medicinal marijuana in New Jersey but not more than a span of 6 months.

Patients will have an opportunity to buy 3 ounces of cannabis from the NJ marijuana dispensaries rather than 2 ounces for the first 18 months, but this bar of limitation will be lifted in case of patients suffering from any terminal illness.

The number of visits to a doctor will be cut down from four to one each year to spare them increased costs and the accompanying hassle.

Hospitals can act as a mediator in prescribing and subscribing medicinal marijuana and CBD edibles from the NJ marijuana dispensaries to the patients.

The rate of tax levied on marijuana dealers will only be 2% and women, veteran and minority groups of patients will be allowed 15% of the license.

Lastly, to make things easier, if the patient is unable to purchase marijuana from the dispensaries itself, they can be delivered by the companies at their doorsteps.