You can now snort your cannabis

nasal spray

Cannabis is available to humanity in different forms. It is one of the most popular psychometric drugs having many medicinal values. The most prevalent forms of taking in cannabis are smoking weed and taking edible medicines that contain CBD. But a new technique has hit the market which helps us take in cannabis directly into our blood stream. 

Nasal Sprays
 Nasal sprays contain a solution made up of CBD and THC along with salt water. These sprays are manufactured in a small bottle with a nozzle at the mouth just like any other medicinal sprays.  

There are different types of nasal sprays containing CBD and THC in varying proportions depending upon its concentration. More the dosage of CBD, greater will be the psychometric effect. Though the process of the intake of CBD is different, the feeling after the intake is no different than taking a puff. It creates the same light headed feeling after taking in the solution through the nostrils.  nasal spray

In many ways, producers of these CBD nasal sprays have come up with advantages that they possess when compared to the other methods. Transfusion of CBD into the body through the nasal membrane makes the effect happen promptly and gives the light headed feeling really fast. The transmucosal process of CBD intake also ensures that the burnt vegetal matters of Cannabis Sativa, known as the pyrolytic extracts, do not enter our system. This is a convenient method as it requires no other material but just a bottle of spray, which is so unlike the process of smoking cannabis. In the latter we need CBD papers, matchsticks and also need to make the roll on our own.  

Nasal sprays have often proved to cure nasal congestion, sinusitis and also certain types of allergies. CBD helps in healing painlessly. So any allergy on which CBD nasal sprays are applied, may be cured painlessly and slowly. These are some added advantages of CBD nasal sprays over smoking or consuming directly. nasal spray

Along with the pros  
nasal sprays have also got some cons attached to them. And it is always better to know the both sides, especially when a medicinal drug is concerned. It cannot be quite predicted how a CBD nasal spray will react just after getting transfused through your nasal membrane. Many a times, it deactivates certain body enzymes that are present on the nasal membrane, hence brings a hindrance in the process of metabolism of the body. So it is recommended to apply nasal sprays in a controlled manner and observe the reaction for the first few days. Anything in the world should be taken in a controlled manner and so does the rule apply for CBD. Intake of CBD in ample amounts may get you addicted to the light headedness and quick relief.  

CBD nasal spray is an innovative way of taking in the drug which is expected to be much more in use with passing days.