Everything You Need to Know About World CBD Expo

Everything You Need to Know About World CBD Expo

CBD or Cannabis oil is one of the latest discoveries of scientists and medical researchers. They have found this herbal extract a miracle to help against various mental issues without bringing side effects such as sleeping disorders, aches in the head, anxieties and other types of cognition disorders. Cannabis oil is mainly obtained from two herbs such as marijuana and hemp. Due to this invention, marijuana has made legal in various states of America. More work is to be done in this regard. There are some unseen benefits of Cannabis oil or CBD and myths are also attached to this herb. However, to wave-off and remove all the myths and wrong perspectives regarding Cannabis oil, CBD Expo is being held in all parts of United States of America on simultaneous days. Here are complete details regarding everything you need to know about world CBD expo:

What is CBD Expo?

CBD Expo is a seminar regarding Cannabis oil being held to aware the people regarding impacts of the CBD oil as well as removing any sorts of myths related to it. Various famous companies and brands are being a part of this expo while hundreds of experts including researchers, workers, botanic specialists, and CBD oil makers will take part in the show. It held every year and for 2019, it is soon going to be aired.

This CBD expo is more like training program to train novice nation regarding everything they need about CBD and CBD sciences. This is a great opportunity for those working in the niche related to Cannabis oils or supplements as CBD expo 2019 gives them the opportunity to market their brand and business. The coaching sessions will teach you how to make money by selling cannabis oils and other CBD supplements.

Where CBD Expo Will Be Held?

CBD Expo will be held at the various locations of America to create awareness. The expo is held every year on different dates due to everlasting success and demand of the people. It offers greatest opportunity to entertain as well as educate the audience along with offering various types of legit brands having supplements offering on convenient rates. A big hall with professional atmosphere is booked. The exact location and timing of CBD Expo are:

Date: APR.27-28, 2019


Location: Town and Country Hotel

Timing: Saturday- From 10 am to 11 am and Sunday 10 am to 11 am

Center Topic of the day: B2B & Investor

If you are thinking who can be the part of the CBD expo let me tell you that as the expo is for awareness and there are a lot of opportunities for entertainment and investment available too, so this is being conducted for general public. As a general citizen of America or a foreigner in America, you care cordially invited to CBD expo.

Who Are Speakers and Guests at CBD Expo?

Well we have a big list of speakers, professional in their niches, to address the general public. These people are most demanded experts of America. You can have a chance to talk to them and take advantage of their knowledge. Here is the list of speakers joining us:

  • Dr. Joseph J. Morgan

Doctor Joseph J. Morgan is the first person to address. He has worked as a diplomat and now working in her on institute named as American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine.

  • Rhonda Moeller:

Second person to address the seminar is professional She is a professional expert on CBD and also CEO and Co-Founder at WPA4A, Inc.

  • Ian Pedersen

Third speaker for B2B & Investor title is Ian Pedersen, the Chief Executive Officer at Source CBD

  • Sandy Christianson

Sandi Christianson is Director of Outreach WPA4A Inc.

  • Laura Herrera

Miss Laura Herrera is a professional at Oaksterdam University

  • Jenni Mai

Jeeni Mai is president and Co-Founder at WPA4A Inc.

  • Jeff Stizza

Jeff Stizza is also a professional at Oaksterdam University

  • Ryan Shore

Ryan Shore has his own company and he is CEO of Big Sky Scientific

  • Ed Breslin

Ed Breslin is professional at Xternal & Oaksterdam University Instructor

  • Stacey Swimme

Stacey Swimme is professional and expert at Crop Kings Seeds

  • Lauren Vazquez

Lauren Vazquez is a professional at Oaksterdam University

  • Felicia Shaw

Lastly, Felicia Shaw is Mystical Herbal Care expert and instructor at Oaksterdam University

Why Should You Join This CBD Expo?

Well, the expo is all about the awareness of general public here are some points to discuss:

Many Questions Related to CBD that Occurs in Mind Will Be Addressed in CBD Expo:

In this educational seminar we will discuss the CBD and its value in the field of medicine. There will also be discussion regarding how you should purchase the CBD and how it will be delivered to your door. Along with this, the proper dosages of CBD for the humans and pets will be addressed too. Professional will enlighten these topics and provide you good and handy information related to them.

Many Products That You Don’t Know About Will Be Demonstrated In This CBD Expo.

You will get to learn information regarding different brands and companies offering CBD. You will get insights of what is happening in CBD industry. You will also learn regarding which products are worth using and legit while which are not. In this way, you will not be conned while purchasing CBD. Along with this, in this seminar a discussion regarding how entering in CBD industry will benefit you will also be addressed. So, it is a worth entering seminar from the perspective of a cannabis oil buyer and seller.

You Will Find Read To Buy Products From International and Legit CBD Brands At CBD Expo:

Well, not only information regarding the famous brands will be given to people and the audience, but the actual brands will be offered here as well. Many famous brands are having their stalls in the CBD expo and offering their CBD enriched products on lower rates. Being a producer and part of CBD industry, you can also have your stall there and get an opportunity to interact with your consumers directly and increasing your sale.

Novice Brands Are Cordially Welcomed To Showcase Their Brand And Products At CBD Expo:

cbd expos

As CBD expo is an open seminar for general public thus we encourage novice brands to come forward and showcase themselves in front of huge audience. If you own a brand, you will never get such huge opportunity to kick start the marketing campaign of your CBD related business. Also, you will not just be showcasing yourself in front of audience, but there you will find huge opportunities to learn as well. So to learn, earn, and build a reputation novice brand holders must become a part of this CBD expo.

Make Your Contacts with the Business Tycoons and Big Brand Holders of CBD industry at CBD Expo:

Professionals and experts from around the globe are going to be part of this CBD Expo. By joining this expo, you reserve a seat and a place and get a chance to sit with the business tycoons of CBD industry. These seminars are the places where you can make greater contacts not only with tycoons but customers as well. So, as you see this CBD seminar is bringing you biggest opportunity to build your network with audience, customers, and professionals. This thing makes it an all in one opportunity.

Richest And Potential Investors Are Also Part Of The CBD Expo That Offers You A Great Opportunity To Find Investment Opportunity For Your Company:

Yes, if you require money and bucks to invest in your business related to CBD, do must come at the event. We have invited richest people of the industry who are intrigued to invest in the growing CBD industry. We will give you knowledge how you will convince the investors in seminars. Later, you can use these tips to get the investors for your company. If you find the investor for your CBD business, still we are not going to charge you any fee. The opportunities are huge; you will have to just grab them.

Convey Your Message To Huge Group Of People Including Professionals Of CBD Industry With Speaking Opportunity At CBD Expo:

Well, the CBD expo seminar is all about you. Not only experts can speak but the floor is yours too. Hence, if you have anything to speak of regarding your views, you can do it at CBD Expo. You can talk about anything educational you want to convey, legal laws regarding CBD and the limitations on its export, and how the cultivation process takes place. These are some suggestions but topics are vast so you can bring anything to speak about at CBD expo. If you are looking forward to convey your message, CBD expo is the best place to do so.

If You Have Applied For Business Investment Yet Couldn’t Get A Positive Reply, Bring Applications To CBD Expo:

Well, of course, you are working in the niche of CBD making and your company requires money, so there are chances that you would have applied for investments. If your applications couldn’t get the positive reply, bring your applications to CBD expo. Here we have professionals who will read through your application and point out various flaws that are being a hindrance in your application’s approval. They will tell you how to apply for loans and how to grab investors. There are various topics that will be addressed in the CBD expo.

Forget About Investors and Lenders Because Now You Can Find Sponsors for Your CBD Industry at CBD Expo:

Well, lenders offer you loan on conditions and you have to give back after some time and investors ask you to have shares in the profits. Sponsors are convenient option to get help form as all they want is marketing for their products through your products. So, by looking at this trend, we have sought many sponsorship opportunities for you here at CBD Expo. These sponsors are related to bigger brands and all interested to become a part of CBD industry. Hence, you can find a good sponsorship for your CBD business.

Entertainment Opportunities Are Also Available At CBD Expo:

Yes along with knowledge and business help, entertainment opportunities are also there that include food stalls and other stalls to do shopping. We have been sponsored by famous international brands and their stalls will be there to entertain you. You can shop for yourself and your family and bring home some amazing stuff to use.

So this is all about why should be the part of the CBD Expo, some more details regarding seminar and its location are;

The Seminar of CBD Expo Is being Held At best location of San Diego:

All with this, the location and hall we have selected for the CBD expo is located at the most posh location of San Diego. It is a landmark and convention center and also a hotel. It has many big halls and in the biggest hall, CBD expo is being held. The hall has airy and wide space to stay and sit. Water is available for free for all the attendees.


CBD expo is a most sought after opportunity that wants to seek to get a great entrance in CBD industry. We have got best location of the world. Also, we have selected the day and time for conference in such a way so that more and more people can be a part of the show. We have planned the CBD expo to be held on weekend. So, don’t wait and be a part of the CBD expo now. It can be a great yet informative weekend for you. For more information and get instant alerts, you can also send us your numbers and email ids. Our staff will inform you regarding all the updates of CBD expo that are must to know for you.