Big changes coming to NJ marijuana program

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nj marijuana dispensaryThe marijuana business in the USA is only gaining momentum with each passing day; after the discovery of the medicinal properties of marijuana, researchers are taking keen interest to look for healthier and better prospects in the world of cannabis and CBD edibles that include its form, dosage, and other necessary guidance. Although medicinal marijuana has been legalized in about 32 states across the country, New Jersey is yet to receive its acceptance by the Federal law. But this hasn’t stopped the state from initiating the NJ marijuana program since January and its success is glaring from the fact that more than 30,000 patients are enrolled with it. The project has been granted its much-needed acceleration by Phil Murphy and after a lot of debate and hurdles; the lawmakers have decided to uphold this issue of using medicinal marijuana under the surveillance of law.

The NJ marijuana program is aiming at increasing the number of NJ marijuana dispensaries from four to at least 4 more to meet match the demand and supply of medicinal cannabis. Furthermore, the amendments will strive towards making it simpler for the patients to have access to marijuana. The upcoming changes would decrease the number of visits to a doctor from four times a year to once in order to verify if the patient fulfills the eligibility criteria for being introduced to the program.

Since Phil Murphy is genuinely supporting the program, he has proposed to increase the number of licensed NJ marijuana dispensaries along with 24 other companies supplying the cannabis and CBD edibles so that the patients have broader and easier access to marijuana without running a hole in their pockets during their periods of need.

The latest program has been named after Jake Hoing who was a religious user of medicinal marijuana and preferred it over any other antibiotics or painkillers during his cancer. According to him, if he went one day without the CBD edibles, he would vomit and cry continuously out of pain caused by the inflammation in cancer. Therefore, to reach out to a broader mass with the benefits of marijuana and cbd edibles, the NJ marijuana program has proposed the following changes:

nj marijuana dispensaryPatients from other states will be allowed to access medicinal marijuana in New Jersey but not more than a span of 6 months.

Patients will have an opportunity to buy 3 ounces of cannabis from the NJ marijuana dispensaries rather than 2 ounces for the first 18 months, but this bar of limitation will be lifted in case of patients suffering from any terminal illness.

The number of visits to a doctor will be cut down from four to one each year to spare them increased costs and the accompanying hassle.

Hospitals can act as a mediator in prescribing and subscribing medicinal marijuana and CBD edibles from the NJ marijuana dispensaries to the patients.

The rate of tax levied on marijuana dealers will only be 2% and women, veteran and minority groups of patients will be allowed 15% of the license.

Lastly, to make things easier, if the patient is unable to purchase marijuana from the dispensaries itself, they can be delivered by the companies at their doorsteps.